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If I were to write my final blog, this would be the one, but fear not, I have much more to cover. One of the things I have noticed traveling from park to park is that RV’ers are salt-of-the-earth sort of folks. Phoniness is set aside. They let their hair down a bit and turn off their brains, if only for a weekend. Whether they show up in a small tear-drop camper or a half-a-million-dollar Class A Motorhome, it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone… there is a kindred spirit among us all. For the most part, as a community of fellow travelers, we are clueless about the political, social, or economic status of our newfound friends and neighbors. They are more interested in talking about their kids, grandkids, or the next RV upgrade. Also on the list is the next scheduled RV trip. Aside from all the amenities most RV Parks provide, there is still a dependence on one another. If I’ve ever needed to borrow something or needed a little help with our RV, there was always someone willing to lend a hand, and vice-versa. It’s a primal thing to watch over the rest of the tribe and

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RV Pre-Flight Checklist

As somewhat of a seasoned pro, here are my thoughts, suggestions, and precautions to take before you hit the road with your RV. First things first, check your freshwater tank, then top it off, you might want to add a liquid water purifier like, Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Freshener. Make sure your propane bottles are filled and battery level is normal. Check your tire pressure. Many times folks neglect to inspect their spare tire… you should. There is no point in replacing a flat with a flat. Speaking of flats, you have to get one of these if you have a dual axle RV. The name of the company is Trailer-Aid. They make changing a flat safe and easy. Also make sure you have an adequate tool box, flashlight, and a tire jack for single axle RV’s. I don’t know where you keep your RV, but ours in the driveway. We have a 220v outlet, and as a rule, have it plugged in, mainly to keep the fridge/freezer going, and we also use it as a guest house. If you don’t have a 220v outlet, this is an option; a 110/120v to 220v adapter.  While we’re on the subject of

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Planning a Weekend Getaway

Planning a weekend getaway can be fun and exciting for everyone. As my wife would say, “It’s an opportunity to get grounded,” but for me, it’s time to turn off my brain for a couple of days. Planning such a quick trip still needs planning ahead of time. Your RV doesn’t care if it is a two- or three-day trip or six weeks; its prep and maintenance needs are the same. More on that on my next blog. A good idea for such a short trip, plan your activities, unless of course you just want to “vegetate” for a couple of days, other wise plan ahead. Do you want to do some fishing, or visit the sites in the local community? Does the park have any events? I’m sure there is plenty to do if you look around. A word to the wise… do not plan a weekend getaway that takes you twice as long to get there and back vs. the time you are staying. A few years ago, we wanted to take a quick trip to Rockport, Texas, where we currently live. We wanted to stay for a day and a half. The only flaw to this plan

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A Coastal Adventure: Why the Texas Coast is the Ultimate RV Trip Destination

For many adventure-seekers, RV trips are the ideal way to explore the world, giving them the freedom to travel at their own pace while being surrounded by nature. One destination that has captured the hearts of RV enthusiasts is the Texas Coast. This vast stretch of coastline offers an extraordinary blend of breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife, and unforgettable experiences for all ages. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the reasons why the Texas Coast is the perfect destination for your next RV trip. The Scenery: The Texas Coast boasts over 350 miles of coastline, with each mile offering a unique landscape. From the sandy shores of South Padre Island to the rocky cliffs of Galveston, you’ll never tire of the stunning views. The coastal terrain is diverse, with pristine beaches, expansive marshlands, and tranquil bays. As you explore, you’ll also come across historic lighthouses, charming coastal towns, and majestic sunsets that will leave you in awe. Abundant Wildlife: Nature lovers will be in paradise along the Texas Coast, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife species. As you traverse the shoreline, you’ll spot countless species of birds, including pelicans, egrets, and herons. The region is also home

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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First RV Trip to Texas Coastal Parks

Embarking on your first RV trip can be exciting, especially when your destination is the picturesque Texas coastline. However, first-time RVers often make mistakes that can turn their vacation into a challenging experience. To help you enjoy a seamless journey, we’ve compiled the top 10 mistakes people make on their first RV trip to Texas coastal parks, and how you can avoid them. Failing to Plan Your Route and Stops It’s essential to plan your route and stops in advance, considering factors such as fuel availability, road conditions, and suitable rest stops. Use GPS navigation and RV-specific apps to chart your course, keeping your vehicle size and weight in mind. Not Reserving a Campsite in Advance Popular Texas coastal RV parks can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. Make reservations well in advance to avoid disappointment, and be aware of each park’s specific rules and amenities. Neglecting RV Maintenance Perform a thorough pre-trip inspection of your RV, including checking tire pressure, fluid levels, and ensuring all systems are working correctly. Regular maintenance will keep your vehicle running smoothly, reducing the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs. Overloading the RV Every RV has a weight limit, and exceeding it can

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Preparing for Your First RV Trip: The Ultimate Guide for Texas Coastal RV Parks

Welcome to the beautiful Texas coastline, home to some of the most stunning beaches and picturesque RV parks in the United States. Whether you’re a first-time RVer or a seasoned road warrior, our guide will help you prepare for your trip to Texas coastal RV parks. From essential checklists to tips on securing the perfect spot, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable adventure! Choose the Perfect Texas Coastal RV Park Before setting off on your adventure, take some time to research the best RV parks along the Texas coast. Look for parks with well-maintained facilities, convenient amenities, and easy access to local attractions. A few top-rated Texas coastal RV parks include: Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Resort in Port Aransas Jamaica Beach RV Resort in Galveston Padre Balli Park in Corpus Christi Prepare Your RV After choosing the perfect destination, it’s time to prepare your RV for the journey ahead. Here’s a checklist to help you get started: Inspect tires for wear and proper inflation Check fluid levels (engine oil, coolant, transmission, etc.) Test all lights, including brakes and turn signals Inspect and clean the battery terminals Check propane tanks and lines for

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