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Texas RV Parks Hidden Gems

As we have said many times, Texas is a big place that includes big adventure. Although our site mainly focuses on Texas Coastal RV Parks, we had to include a few others, like near-coast rv parks and rv parks we consider hidden gems. This category of rv parks is viewer-driven, meaning to get a placement […]

Why We RV

If I were to write my final blog, this would be the one, but fear not, I have much more to cover. One of the things I have noticed traveling from park to park is that RV’ers are salt-of-the-earth sort of folks. Phoniness is set aside. They let their hair down a bit and turn […]

RV Pre-Flight Checklist

As somewhat of a seasoned pro, here are my thoughts, suggestions, and precautions to take before you hit the road with your RV. First things first, check your freshwater tank, then top it off, you might want to add a liquid water purifier like, Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Freshener. Make sure your propane bottles are […]

Planning a Weekend Getaway

Planning a weekend getaway can be fun and exciting for everyone. As my wife would say, “It’s an opportunity to get grounded,” but for me, it’s time to turn off my brain for a couple of days. Planning such a quick trip still needs planning ahead of time. Your RV doesn’t care if it is […]

What I’ve learned about FT RV Life So Far

To good not to share. Copied from another group. This is good. 1. There are a lot of internet options. None of them work like we want them to. 2. Propane always runs out while you are sleeping. 3. Everytime you seal and close off one draft two more appear. 4. All RVs leak somewhere. […]

Texas Coastal RV Parks- Where the adventure begins

Texas is a big place. How big? Very big. Texas boasts 268,597 square miles of land mass or 171,902,080 acres. It’s the second largest state in the US, just behind Alaska, and all that land includes a stretch of mountains and our own grand canyon… Palo Duro Canyon. A fun additional fact is fifteen of […]

What’s for Dinner?

One of the greatest pleasures about RV’ing is the food, and what you bring, and what you prepare ahead of time makes a huge difference. A few essentials to consider are the things to cook with. Do yourself a favor if you can, avoid using your gas stove cooktop. A friend of mine once said, […]

The Accidental RV’er

I’d always been an outdoorsy sort of fellow, especially camping. I suppose I got the camping bug when I was a Boy Scout, and it stuck. A few years later, one marriage and three kids later, that bug spread. We started tent camping for several years, and we loved it. We camped on seashores, mountains, plus everything in between.